This is the Reason the Nile is terrible, there is a Scary Monster hiding in the bottom of the Egyptian Nile

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The Nile River is a river that is a source of life for Egyptians and residents living around the Nile. The Legend River is famous for its beauty and history.

In addition, the Nile River is home to many species of aquatic fauna and also supports hundreds of other land species that live along its banks. 

Yes, some of these animals are even considered sacred and feared

By residents around the Nile river. the ancient Egyptians also worshiped these animals because they were considered sacred and had power.

What fearsome animals ruled the Nile River region? The following is a row of monster animals that rule the Nile: the Nile Crocodile. 

The Nile River is inhabited by one of the deadliest giant predators, namely the Nile crocodile.

The Nile Crocodile is the second largest crocodile species in the world.

The main food for the Nile Crocodile is fish in the river.

But this type of crocodile also does not hesitate to hunt other animals whose body size is larger than them.

For example, every certain season a herd of bulls will immediately move from one place to another where the grass is more fertile.

The movement of this herd of bulls inevitably crosses the Nile. when the group of bulls started crossing the Nile River, the crocodiles in the Nile River, when they were about to ambush them, at least there must have been a few bulls that fell prey to the attacks of the nile crocodiles. 

Not only bulls, crocodiles can also prey on humans.

This type of crocodile prefers to be on the bank of the river rather than in the water.

It is said that the crocodiles of the Nile were responsible for 200 mermaid deaths.

Mermaids are still legends and myths, because in modern times like this there are no signs proving the existence of half-human, half-fish creatures.

Is it really true?

There is one of the mysteries of the Nile which is still very famous today: the myth about the existence of mermaids in the river.

Historians who lived in the 2nd century

And the third Hijri wrote about the existence of mermaids, which were considered as strange animals in the Nile. 

The Egyptians called

This mermaid is Syaiful Bar, or means guardian of the Nile River. society at that time had an opinion

If the appearance of the Mermaid is a sign of impending disaster, drought and death.

The habitat of monster fish is fish with unusual sizes and shapes.

This type of monster fish has a very terrible appearance, which is why they are called monsters.

The mystery of the Nile River in this modern era is the existence of monster fish that live around the river.

Several types of monster fish that live in the Nile, including the ducative African tiger fish and nelpers, the largest from Africa, which live in the waters of the Congo, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda and the Nile. The body of the fundu fish resembles that of a snake and has great strength and speed.

In some cases, these fish can attract someone who is fishing on land to drown.

The fundu fish means almost 54 kg, and a meter and a half long or almost the size of an adult.

This fish is usually found in sub Sahara, Africa and also the Nile River. This giant fish is active at night and likes to eat small fish.

Many fishermen like to catch this fish because it is very large.

Even though they breathe using gills, this fish can survive for a long time

While on the surface of the water and can reach the age of 12 years.

Hippopotamus hippopotamus is one of the semi-aquatic animals, herbivores and the third largest mammal in the world.

This large animal often opens its mouth to show scary giant fangs to anyone.

Usually they come to the Nile in the afternoon to bathe before looking for grass at sunset.

From its appearance, your hippopotamus seems far from being dangerous, but the fact is that these animals have claimed the lives of many humans living around the Nile river, because they have an unpredictable aggressive nature. 

So can attack anytime

Just for no apparent reason. unfortunately, the existence of this animal is now being threatened with extinction because its population continues to decrease after being hunted by humans for its ivory and meat.

The Cafe’s electric fish, translated into Indonesian, is an electric catfish, so, as the name implies, the Catfish electric fish.

It relies on electricity as its main weapon.

This electricity is used in the Nile river to become a survival weapon and a prey hunting weapon.

His brown body also helps him camouflage among the rocks and sand, visible from his slightly fat body.

Obviously this is a pretty terrible catfish in terms of body size.

This fish with the malapetida family can grow to a length of 1.2 meters, very large if we compare it with catfish in general, especially those that are usually found in pecel.

Catfish exist

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