The Brutal Encounter: Lion Attacks Rhino in the African Savanna

The rhinoceros is considered to be one of the largest mammals on our planet and it has an immense power that allows it to defend itself against some of the most dangerous predators out there.

But what happens when a rhinoceros faces a lion?

That’s what we’re gonna find out in this video.

Stay with us.

In this clip, we can see one of the most daring attacks on a rhino by a lion, but the lion failed to catch it and the rhino got away in full speed.

In this clip, on the other hand, we see the lions fleeing as the almighty rhinoceros approaches.

The rhinos territory is off limits to lions, even though their attacks never stop.

Here is another clip that clearly shows the true strength of the rhinoceros.

As you can see, a group of lions are trying to hunt the rhino, but even though it was by itself, it still managed to fend off all of them.

In another more than amazing clip that was shot of three lions trying to take advantage of a rhino that was stuck and couldn’t move on the river’s bank, the lions saw an opportunity and started attacking the rhino, which angered it enough to fight back with all of its strength, and pretty soon it had the lions on the run.

All of these clips we just watched prove that the rhino is not to be messed with, not even by a lion or a group of them.

What do you think?

Who do you think is stronger?

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