“Scoring Goals – That’s What We Do” | Harry Kane & Ellen White React to Their Best England Moments – YouTube

Harry Kane and Ellen White are two of the most prolific goal scorers for the England national football teams, with Kane being the captain of the men’s team and White a star striker for the women’s team. In a recent interview, they both reflected on their best moments playing for their country.

For Kane, his most memorable moment came in the 2018 World Cup when he scored a hat-trick against Panama. Kane remembers the occasion vividly and considers it one of the highlights of his career. He credits the team’s overall performance, as they went on to reach the semi-finals of the tournament, for making the moment even more special.

White, on the other hand, points to the 2019 World Cup as her best moment. She scored six goals in the tournament, including a brace against Japan in the semi-finals. Despite England ultimately finishing in fourth place, White’s performance was a shining moment for the team.

Both Kane and White emphasized the importance of teamwork and the role of their teammates in helping them achieve their personal successes. Kane praised his teammates for creating opportunities for him to score, while White noted the crucial role of team morale and chemistry.

The two also discussed the pressure that comes with being a top scorer and how they handle it. Kane admits that there is always pressure to perform at the highest level, but he tries to focus on the team’s objectives rather than personal achievements. White, similarly, acknowledges the pressure but embraces it as part of the job, and uses it as motivation to keep improving.

Despite their individual accomplishments, both Kane and White emphasize the importance of the team’s success over their own. Kane believes that a team’s success is the ultimate goal and that individual accomplishments are a result of a team effort. White echoed this sentiment, stating that team success is always the priority, and that personal accomplishments are secondary.

In conclusion, Harry Kane and Ellen White are two of England’s most accomplished goal scorers, with numerous memorable moments playing for their country. While their personal achievements are significant, they both recognize the importance of teamwork and the role of their teammates in helping them achieve success. Their dedication to the team’s success is a testament to their commitment to the sport and their country.

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