Make your own mark with 7 unique tattoo trends

Tattoo trends may not change as quickly as hair or fashion, but the popularity of certain styles will help you better understand the mark you will leave on your body. Let’s find out with ELLE Man through the following article.

Innovative traditional style

These are tattoos with bold and clear needle lines, vivid colors. Influenced by traditional American culture, the color palette will include navy blue, green, red, yellow and of course lots of black. While the traditional American tattoo has its roots in the military, the style has since expanded to include snakes, swallows, roses, hearts, dice, and more. They are innovated with realism, bolder. These works also get more gloss, creating more depth.

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Small tattoo

Small tattoos have been popular for several years now, so it’s no surprise to see their influence continue into 2023. More specifically, small, surreal, detailed works with lines and The smallest dot is appearing more on social networks Instagram and Tiktok.

One of the best things about small tattoos is that you can put them anywhere. The ear and collarbone are places to consider. Hands and fingers are also suitable, but they are harder to heal and fade faster.

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Game and anime pictures

If you are a gamer or avid fan of anime , then this is the answer for you when looking for a cool tattoo. You can also rely on the characters in the game or movie to unleash your own unique creations.

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Minimalist style

Just as ultra-detailed thumbnails will remain popular in 2023, so will minimalism. Tattoos with small needles naturally go hand in hand with minimalism . It can be portraits or a strip of text running down the hand.

Photo: @halinczi
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Barbed wire shape

The ’90s influence is evident in the fashion, beauty and now tattoo trends with the resurgence of barbed wire. These works are everywhere on Instagram and TikTok, but unlike the 1990s, they’re not just on the arm. Some images tattooed along the barbed wire are also increasingly blooming.

Photo: @_lac.art_
Photo: @victor_aka_chili

Temporary tattoo

One of the surprising developments in the tattoo industry has been the advent and development of temporary shapes with better designs that last longer and look sharper.

In addition, we have Ephemeral’s specialized toner, which dissolves from the body within a year. Customers get a real tattoo experience without the need for permanent ink.

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Color tattoo

Colorful compositions, as opposed to black and gray, have also gained popularity. Color combinations in minimalist ways as well as images using only two colors are going viral, and it deserves your attention.

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