Leopard Learns How to Catch a Fish

Even the river, normally a lifeline for the animals, has almost disappeared. Yet the mud soup that remains could be concealing a free lunch.

If only the leopards can figure out what it is and how to get it. Are these weird apparitions something to fear or a harmless and much-needed source of food? The mother has probably never seen a live catfish before. Eventually she loses courage. Perhaps her son will be bolder.

He has spotted some fish of his own. When they stop moving, though, he seems not to know where they’ve gone.

It’s the elephant that finally reveals them. You could almost see like a lightbulb going on, and literally right after the elephant pulled out, he went straight in. It was like playing with soap in the shower. He just sort of fumbled around and didn’t know what to do. There’s mud being splattered on his body and on his face. Finally he actually bit it, which gave him a grip on it. I just remember that expression when he stood up: He was so proud of his achievement. He was quite stoked.

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