Jaguars Embark on a Thrilling River Adventure, Hunting Crocodiles (Video)

The largest jungle on our planet is the Amazon rainforest.

Nature is particularly generous, Fortunately, because here giant creatures have taken up residence: The capybaras, which are the biggest rodents in the world, but also the giant otters, almost as big as a man.

And finally the lords of the river, the caimans.

These formidable carnivores measure up to 3 meters long.

They are ruthless predators.

But an even more cunning hunter roams in this forest: Silent, agile, you can barely distinguish him.

The jaguar is the supreme predator of the jungle.

The banks of this river are the privileged hunting ground of this female jaguar, who lives here for several years.

Capybaras are apparently easy prey, but they are clever and perpetually on the alert.

The rodents have smelled her, but the cat must continue to approach if she wants to attack.

This time she wasn’t fast enough, But capybaras are not out of danger.

This female is not the only one of her kind in the area.

A big male emerges from the jungle and with his 150 kg he doesn’t even bother to hide.

Actually, he does not seem determined to hunt the capybara and passes his way, leaving the field to his competitors.

He’s on the trail of another prey.

Guided by his nose, he has tracked a creature much bigger than a rodent, much more ferocious too.

The jaguar has the most powerful jaws of all felines and he knows the weak point of the caiman: the top of the skull.

The jaguar is the king of darkness, an outstanding hunter who knows his territory perfectly.

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