Jaguar emerges victorious in battle against Caiman and Anaconda

The jungles of South America are full of all kinds of predators. It is on this territory that the legendary Amazon River is located. But even with all the variety of monsters living here, the Jaguar is the king of beasts.

This is a huge beast with the most powerful jaws among all cats. In size it is second only to the tiger and lion, but they are not found here, so he is the king here.

The jaguar is an excellent swimmer and can even dive underwater for up to 30 seconds.

Thanks to its aquatic skills, this predator can prey on another monster of these places – the caiman. Caimans are ancient apex predators that have not changed much in the process of evolution.

2 meters of rage and anger. He inspires fear in almost all the inhabitants of these places. Their thick skin is protected by a shell of bone plates. Everyone is afraid of him and beware of him, but not jaguars. Carefully sneaking up on the unsuspecting reptile, the jaguar makes an attack. These footage was filmed at the Brazilian Pantanal and became a real sensation on the Internet. But what is even more surprising is that jaguars are able to attack caimans in their territory in the water. With its powerful jaws, the jaguar grabs the caiman by its weak point, the upper part of the skull. And now the reptile will not be able to get out.

And this Jaguar showed an even more epic attack: he attacked the caiman right from the cliff- just phenomenal. It remains only to pull the reptile out of the water, where it will have absolutely no chance of salvation.  

But in these places there is another predator, perhaps even more terrible than the caiman. This is the Anaconda, the most massive snake on the planet. Pythons are longer, but the Anaconda is thicker and heavier and because of this it looks more intimidating. Because of its mass, it does not spend much time on living, mainly in rivers and marshy places.

Like the jaguar, the Anaconda will also not be difficult to defeat the caiman. Well, what will happen if the 2 most powerful creatures of these places come together in a duel?

Once such a battle was filmed, A huge anaconda tries to escape in the water from the attacks of a black jaguar. She almost succeeds, but at the last moment the jaguar grabs her by the tail and drags her to the shore. The cat has a hard time, since the Anaconda can weigh up to 70 kg. Besides, she eventually resists, the snake, manages to slip away and now she is in her element.

The jaguar would need to retreat, since in the water the chances of winning the Anaconda increase significantly. There she is much more agile, but the jaguar is not a coward.

It seems that the cat made a big mistake because the Anaconda had already begun to wrap itself around the muzzle of the predator. But by some miracle the black jaguar managed to get out and then nevertheless pulled the snake onto land and won. Short, interesting videos about animals will be released on this channel.

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