Discovered the only living American fire dragon carcass

Discovered the only living American fire dragon carcass A guy has recorded a mysterious video of the corpse of a living creature believed to be an American fire dragon. all back…

Let’s find the answer to the question when spitting fire, will the dragon’s “set” be burned? You will be surprised for sure!

Dragons are perhaps the greatest illusory creatures man can imagine. From Asia to Europe, there are dragons in popular culture. Dragons in Eastern culture are water dragons, while in the West they are fire dragons.

Fire dragon is cool, just look at how Arogon of the Mother of Dragons destroyed Jamie Lannister’s entire army in a flash, or Smaug’s dragon engulfed the whole town of Lake in flames, it won’t come first, it will also come second if in terms of destruction!

Fire dragons in Western culture.

But today’s question is: Are dragons spitting fire through their mouths, so what’s wrong with their teeth?

Most theories reject the idea that dragons spit fire through their lungs and throat, because no creature is so divine that it can store a whole furnace in its stomach. Instead, dragons are said to spit out a stream of combustible gas, which then flares up with sparks formed between their teeth.

One particular theory is that when breathing fire, dragons will hold their breath. Methane gas from the digestive tract, combined with the impact from the enzyme between the two teeth, will catch fire and explode when it is sprayed out.

Dragons are said to spit out a stream of flammable gas, which then flares up thanks to sparks formed between their teeth.

No matter how dragons spray fire, their teeth must all be exposed to that fire. And this is the problem.

Let’s just assume that dragon teeth can withstand fire, but everything has a limit to endure. An ancient microorganism, it can withstand hydrothermal heat up to 110 degrees Celsius. Wood burns at about 260 degrees Celsius, while burning methane gives off a heat of about 1,949 degrees Celsius.

With such a terrifyingly high temperature, will its teeth remain intact after violent eruptions of fire?

With such a terrifyingly high heat, would its teeth be intact?

For example, human teeth, when exposed to fire, will crack and break at about 200-400 degrees Celsius. At 1,100 degrees Celsius, the root will crumble and the crown will turn to ash. So, even assuming the dragon’s teeth are harder, it’s hard for it to withstand such a tremendous heat of a thousand degrees.

But here’s the little thing: For most vertebrates, adult teeth don’t last for life. Humans are a species of diphyodonts, that is, having two consecutive sets of teeth. Other creatures, like sharks, are polyphyodonts, meaning species with teeth that fall out and regrow continuously.

So perhaps we should consider the possibility that dragons are a genuine polyphyodonts . When the old teeth fall out under the heat of the fire, new teeth will grow back right where the tooth just fell.

Ɲghe is also quite reasonable, isn’t it? Who knows, when igniting fire, it also spits out broken pieces of teeth, both convenient and increasing the destructive ability!

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