Crocodiles Sneak Attack Thirsty Bats

A little red flying fox.

Their ancestors flew here, traveling along the chain of volcanic islands that links Asia to Australia. But their huge Wings, would stretch from their fingers to their toes, make it difficult for them to walk or take off from the ground, so when they want to rest they hang upside down in trees relations. But the bats have to drink every day, thank you, and they do so on the wing foreign, just low enough to wet their bellies and then back in their roosts they will suck out the water each evening. Ten thousand of them come here foreign.

Not all of them return.

Every two meters of river there is a crocodile. They were here long before the bats, survivors from Australia’s prehistoric past foreign. These dramas have been taking place for millions of years: aerial agility versus patience and deadly speed. Australia’s forests are hostile places in which to make your home right.

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