Crocodile Catches Shark

Here is the crocodile.

It is the Lord of the river all the time.

It keeps watching its territories, waiting for prey patiently.

It keeps hiding beneath the water until it gets its chance.

The first thing that motivates it is its food.

Besides its aggressive nature, it does not care about how large the prey is or how much it weighs, as it attacks everything coming across its way, and killing is its profession.

It perfects nothing but killing and eating.

All animals fear it.

As it is the monster of the water, they try not to come across its way.

Unfortunately, they have to come to the water to drink.


When this creature makes its ambush, even the water monsters fear it, including the shark.

Although the shark is known for its fearful attack on humans, its strength and its large teeth cannot help to defend it against the crocodile that has a tremendous jaw.

Here we see how the crocodile actually managed to catch the shark that was not strong enough to attack the giant crocodile.

The crocodile’s jaws would be able to tear the shark into pieces, as the chance of the shark to survive is very little.

Most of the times when the crocodile meets the shark, the president gets the victory.

This happens, for the crocodile is a fast animal and bigger than a shark.

However, the shark outperforms the crocodile by one point, which is it enables him to breathe underwater for a long time.

If the shark was able to pull the crocodile down the water, then he would win, certainly.

Yet the crocodile remains the Lord of the rivers.

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