Cheetah cubs play with a gazelle – before a BABOON steals it

The cheetah cubs caught the gazelle without their mother’s guidance, and they are unsure of what to do with it. It’s also possible that they are still in the process of learning how to kill and eat their prey, and they are not yet skilled enough to handle a full-grown gazelle.

In the wild, cheetah cubs typically stay with their mother until they are around 18 months old, during which time they learn important hunting and survival skills. It’s possible that these cubs are still relatively young and are in the process of developing these skills.

Overall, while it’s unusual for cheetah cubs to catch a gazelle on their own, it’s not necessarily a cause for concern. With time and practice, they will likely develop the skills they need to hunt and survive in the wild.

Fascinating pictures by wildlife photographer Laura Dyer show the six-month-olds pawing and chasing the tiny fawn their mother has sourced for them.

But, incredibly, their dithering meant a BABOON was able to bound in and snatch the frightened prey away.

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