Biggest Snakes Ever Caught On Camera

These massive snakes have been caught on camera and, trust me, they’re not just your average Garden variety snakes.

Anaconda, the largest Anaconda ever captured on camera, was 33 feet long and three feet across its widest part. It weighed nearly 880 pounds. It was found on a construction site in Brazil, but was already dead when the worker saw it. It’s unclear how it died, but many speculate that it may have died from an explosion, not natural causes. Because the animal had shrunk a bit, they couldn’t accurately measure it. Some critics say its size may have been altered to stir controversy online, but I doubt that was the case. It’s not the first time giant anacondas like this have made it to the camera.

Before this discovery, the longest was 27.7 feet long, had a circumference of three feet and weighed 500 pounds. The chances are that many Brazilians have captured and killed larger anacondas, but it didn’t make it to the news. 

Trap snake.

In 2020, the video of a giant snake caught in a trap went viral when internet users tried to identify the species. Others were more concerned about its safety. It was caught in the Trap while trying to steal chickens. The poultry owner had been worried about the Spate of attacks on his chickens, so he set a trap to capture the Predator. Unaware of the plan, the snake crawled Into The Enclave to do the usual. The massive snake is seen swimming across the muddy Lake to stick its head inside a huge drum. It ran out of luck and began writhing inside the water.

Divers caught a giant snake.

Divers were lucky to find a 20-foot giant Anaconda staring at their underground camera in Brazil’s Amazon region. When they took to the river to explore the area, seeing a giant snake like this was the last thing on their mind. The Green Anaconda is the heaviest in the planet. It kills its prey by wrapping its huge body around them rather than injecting poison. Despite knowing they were at risk of an attack, Diego Rodriguez and Juan Carlos calmly swam toward the giant reptile. They interacted with it and took pictures of the animal, which seemed calm.  As the pictures show, the female reptile was interested in the shot and raised its head to the lens for a closer shot.

Diego captured as much as possible, especially the distinct markings on the animal’s skin.

Indian reptile workers clearing a section of Dominicus Forest resumed work that day to see a three meter long giant reptile.

The huge snake was so large that the workers couldn’t carry it with their hands. It was lifted off the ground by a digger. Several new reports called it the largest snake in the world and everyone who saw the clip believed it.

It was widely circulated on Indian social media, confirming that it was discovered Fci century and Don Ba Jargon.

The real place of Discovery is, however, Dominica’s Rainforest Python.

Here’s another Discovery by construction workers that got everyone talking.

Aside from scientists, these groups of people are next when it comes to strange discoveries.

This video was filmed in Malaysia. The animal is a reticulated python, a species found in Southeast Asia and widely considered the longest reptile species on the planet. It was seen near a flyover under construction, Empire turbine. An official of the Malaysian government confirmed to journalists that the workers contacted Emergency Services when they found a snake. It took 30 minutes for the unit to respond. They were amazed to see the eight meter long snake weighing nearly 250 kilograms. Unfortunately, the snake died a few days later after giving birth.

The capture and eventual relocation may have stressed it.

While Indians say this snake is the largest in the world, the Guinness Book of World Records recognizes Medusa, another reticulated Python, as the largest. Although she measured 7.6 meters long, no living snake has beat the record Burmese python. A team of biologists recently hauled in what they believed was the heaviest Burmese python ever found in Florida. The female Python weighed 215 pounds and was almost 18 feet long. It had 122 eggs. When they found it, the team used radio transmitters transplanted in the male Scout to study the snake’s movement, habitat use and breeding behaviors.

They hauled it out of the woods where it was, into their trunk. A necropsy revealed it has roof cores in its digestive system, meaning it consumed an adult white-tailed deer as its last meal. Scientists have highlighted the impact of these invasive pythons known as the depletion of surrounding native wildlife and Rapid reproduction. However, removing them from their habitat disrupts their breeding cycle.  Since the Python Conservancy group began in 2013, biologists have removed over 1 000 pythons from 100 square miles in Southwest Florida.

Brown snake.

A Queensland snake catcher traced and captured a massive brown snake in his Brisbane backyard after it was exploring the area hoping not to be found. Stephen Brown had initially found two venomous reptiles in the backyard of a bunion home, but was stunned after his eyes caught a larger one. Photos show that the animal’s skin was as thick as a beer bottle. The snake was a two meter eastern brown species. At some point the animal feared that brown would get too close to it with his camera, so it retreated a bit. Conversely, Brown wished the animal would get up to its s shape so he could show his viewers its colors.

He added that the species was the largest he had ever caught in his career. He had seen others catch something similar and hoped he’d shatter some records someday. The Snake species rarely grows up to this size, so we can say brown was pretty lucky that day. The snake was eventually captured and relocated, while the smaller ones vanished and didn’t return to the backyard. Giant Cobra, a volunteer worker from Thailand, was glad to be in the news for the right reasons. It’s no easy feat to capture a snake and hold it in one’s bare hand. The massive creature slithered into a palm Plantation where it was captured. Seeing someone trailing it, it tried to hide inside a septic tank.

The incident occurred in a Southern Thai province of Krabi. Reports say the Cobra measures 4.5 meters long and weighed 10 kilograms. Sudi, a 40 year old volunteer, finally grabbed it and put it in a bag.

Python in Indonesia.

Indonesian Villages claimed to have captured a 49-foot long python weighing nearly 990 pounds. They backed up this finding with video evidence. Although scientists are yet to ascertain if these figures are factual, hundreds of residents flock to the location to see the snake at A Primitive zoo and coral Gooseberry Village on the country’s main island of Java.

Later that day, officials arrived at the site and confirmed that the snake was a reticulated python. Their Figures were higher than the estimate. They confirmed: it was 48 feet 8 inches and weighed nearly 983 pounds.

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