Baboons risk their lives to kidnap lion cubs and the ending is horrible

Recently, in a national park in South Africa, there was a very friendly incident where a baboon took a lion cub up a tree and treated it as if it was his own this summer. For many people to think of a scene in the movie Lion King, this is a high and very sharp display from when wearing a dog or its performance against mother’s strength.

And how does this story end, please watch the following video.

Yeah, it’s rare that after a dog kidnaps a lion cub to take care of.

Such stories are true in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Instead of quickly killing as usual, this baboon caressed and cared for as if the lion considered his own child in the same Zona National Park.

The movie The Lion King is one of the classic dance animation movies that has stuck with many generations of children around the world.

Released in 1994, this film has continuously achieved much success, and Chau became an immortal monument in the heart of world animation, each of Roland’s most memorable characters When it was when the monkey Rafiki the dog head acts as King Mufasa’s mentor, the newborn lion Simba shows off to all the animals in the land of Dragon when this seemingly fictional image turns out to be completely real and it just happened. in February at Kruger National Park in Nam Phim.

Specifically a monkey.

He kept holding the lion cub, bringing him from branch to branch.

Determined not to give up.

Although the hole in the dog’s head was quite belly and careless, it kept hugging and protecting the cub, as if it were its own.

The weather forecast for the exam that morning was also quite foreign, which caused the young lion to be exhausted from dehydration and unable to move high on his own, a primate, including when Dog heads in the national park still regularly circle around the resting area of lions and jaguars.

So it is very likely that this monkey was stalking when the mother lion went hunting to give the lion a parrot.

Surely it wants to dry up the review with the lion cub named Simba in the movie to calm down.

In Dragon King, Lucky is shown to be a wise, gentle military man who is extremely concerned about Simba’s safety.

But life is not like a real movie, it is more cruel than what we see on the small screen.

Yes, from the other dog took care of the lion cub like in the movie.

I’ve heard that sometimes these monkeys even use their spoils.

Besides, when the old dog’s head often moves in large numbers, they also have the advantage of hanging on a tree, so the possibility of a mother lion claiming her child’s success is extremely low, turtles do not suffer when a couple dogs. If you kill it, it will be difficult for the lion cub to come down because of the loss of water to ask for another under the scorching sun of this land.

Returning to the mother lion after going missing, she hunts for the person who brutally killed her cub.

Soon after, the killer was apprehended and was about to receive the appropriate punishment for his elegant pleasure.

The lion doesn’t want to kill his prey right away, but also plays a game of cat and mouse to ask if you have a cave friend.

God, you baboon dare to drag my little baby for entertainment?

The lion only seriously injured the baboon so that the victim could not run away, then again O the prey for a long time when the dog’s head tried to hide more than once, but it was no longer fast enough to get up to a tall tree.

In the end, whatever comes will come when the dog is gradually exhausted when it becomes a game changer for the enemy and of course has to become a godsend.

Slowly, the mother did not vent her anger, the lioness continued to hunt for the baboon’s companions who kidnapped her cubs, finding Weapons gathering to work on the other side of the river.

Despite Viet’s ban on expulsion, these 19 lions quietly ambushed for an opportunity when the pair of dogs was not the prey that any viewer would aim for.

Because they are extremely intelligent and no less Hung Hanh Hieu Chien Chien.

With the advantage of the background terrain, the new lion can live without being damaged by 7 only.

It waited patiently behind the bushes and chose for itself the appropriate smell, finally decided to attack and the other unfortunate victim was hard to escape from the lion’s sharp teeth.

Why that?

Having run away, itching in the trees and pain when looking straight at the man in the card being killed all over the Grasslands of Africa when cho which is known to be a cunning and powerful fish, adult males can weigh up to 40 kg, so they are completely strong enough to confront other carnivores.

The jaguar’s psychologism but before the power of the lions when the dogs have no chance because except for the formidable Strength, the lord of the prairies is equipped with extremely sharp claws and strong jaws capable of crushing the skull of any animal.

The aunt and uncle when the dog’s head was shown to be extremely reckless, only daring to chase a lion

Chúng mình là Khám Phá Lucky.

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