A Crocodile Wandered Into The Wrong Pool

Crocodiles and hippos are both apex predators in their respective habitats, and they are known to be very territorial. In general, crocodiles and hippos tend to avoid each other as much as possible. Crocodiles will typically target smaller animals, while hippos will use their massive size and strength to intimidate and fend off potential predators.

However, there are instances where crocodiles and hippos may come into conflict. If a crocodile feels threatened or if it is desperate for food, it may attempt to attack a hippo. In such cases, the hippo will often use its powerful jaws and tusks to fend off the crocodile. A herd of hippos may also work together to drive off a crocodile.

Overall, while there is potential for conflict between crocodiles and hippos, it is not a common occurrence. Both animals tend to avoid each other and focus on hunting and grazing on their respective prey.

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