6 Tiger Encounters You Should Never See

These six chilling tiger encounters are sure to make you want to stay as far away from Safaris as possible.

Number six: in Jim Corbett National Park, a few tourists witnessed a tiger come face to face with an elephant, and the outcome is horrifying.

The video initially starts off with a view of both the elephant riders and the tiger intensely staring each other down.

Meanwhile, the tourists continue to photograph the event, as things seem rather calm at first.

After a few minutes, though, things take a shocking turn.

With the huge elephant bravely holding its ground.

The predator luckily decides to give up and head back into the bushes.

Number five: shot at Jim Corbett National Park, this video captures a violent tiger chasing and trying to attack an innocent group of tourists.

In the beginning, the wild animal is seen calmly walking towards the tourists, who grabbed this opportunity to take multiple photographs, making their presence known.

The predator is then observed trying to walk away, but the bystanders in the jeep continue to instigate it.

What happens next is truly terrifying.

Luckily, the tourists were quick to drive away and give the animal the space it wanted, allowing it to finally walk back into the jungle completely.

Number four: in the vast forests of Nepal, a man was trotting his path on an elephant when a wild beast surprised him from out of nowhere.

For a couple of minutes, the jungle appears empty, with no sign of danger.

However, two minutes into this video, a tiger can be seen suddenly appearing in the distance, which the man bravely decides to start following around.

After chasing the animal for a few minutes, the videographer spots it amidst the jungle yet again.

This time, though, it clearly acknowledges his presence, as it can be seen staring him down.

A few moments later, the beast decides that enough is enough and immediately asserts its dominance by growling and charging towards the cameraman.

By the end, the man thankfully decides to leave the territorial predator alone and go on with his expedition somewhere else.

Number three: a tourist exploring the Mutanga forest in Kerala encounters the surprise of his life when a wild tiger crosses his path.

The video starts off with a bright flashlight shining right into the dark woods where a lone tiger is seen casually wandering around.

Shocked by what he is seeing, the cameraman then proceeds to follow the tiger around with the vehicle, seemingly not worrying about the potential dangers of doing so.

Despite the humans making their presence known, the beast miraculously doesn’t appear to care much and just continues walking like normal.

After a few minutes, though, the tourists eventually lose sight of the animal as it disappears through some thick bushes.

Number two: a few people encountered a furious tiger in Jim Corbett Park, and what happened next is absolutely wild.

The video begins with the videographer capturing a zoomed in shot of a tiger that can be seen sitting behind some trees.

Moments go by as the men continue to bravely observe the predator from up close.

Unfortunately, things don’t remain so peaceful for much longer.

The furious tiger charged toward the jeep and came a little too close for comfort.

However, by the end the beast can be seen walking away towards the woods.

Number one: in Bandapore National Park, a few tourists on a safari tour were left stunned when they came way too close to a fearless male tiger.

Initially, things pick up right, as the tour guides notice the animal up ahead and immediately drive towards it to allow the visitors to see it from closer.

Surprisingly, everyone is left shook as the lethal predator is seen carelessly beginning to walk right past their cars.

In the end, the unbothered tiger crosses the road completely and goes on minding its own business towards the other side of the park.

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