31 Extraordinary Tattoo Designs For Girls [FAQs Included]

31 Extraordinary Tattoo Designs For Girls

Sanskriti Kulshrestha30-38 minutes 3/7/2020

31 Unique Tattoo Designs For Girls


Latest Tattoo Designs For Girls: Unique & Trending Tattoos For Girls

1. The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Tattoo

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[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

Tattoos are a great way of capturing the timeless masterpieces of art and keeping them alive. This is an iconic woodblock print by the Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai called The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

In recent years, many tattoo artists have tried to recreate this energetic image. They have combined The Great Waves with contemporary designs according to their interpretation.

The Great Wave is a symbol of disaster, that is, Tsunami. The large waves are falling off the coast of Kanagawa with Mount Fuji in the background. Three-boat rowing represents strength and determination in times of adversity.

This tattoo design for girls will not only look aesthetic on your hand but also be a sign of a survivor.

PS: If you want to have a look at 20 more unique tattoo designs for hands then don’t forget to check out our other blogpost on “20 Unique Tattoo Designs For Hands“.

2. Unalome Tattoo

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[Image Courtesy: https://www.blackpoisontattoos.com/unalome-lotus-tattoo/]

Unalome tattoo design is definitely one of the best tattoo for girls and it not only looks exceptionally elegant but also has a spiritual significance.

It represents our spiritual quest. The spirals are our struggles and challenges in life, the motif leads to a straight line that represents our mind, body and spirit have reached a state of harmony.

If you believe in the power of spirituality then we highly recommend adorning your body with a unalome tattoo design for girl.

Flaunting chest tattoos for women takes a little more care and a little less inhibition. They’re rare, but unique and easiest to pull off if you’re comfortable in your skin.

3. The Starry Night Tattoo

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[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

If you are an admirer of art, then you will love our next recommendation.

The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous and influential paintings in the world. Its popularity among the millennials and Gen-Z is because of the history associated with this piece of art.

The fluid composition of whirling and spinning clouds and bright shining crescent moon and stars captures the creativity of Van Gogh. Only the right tattoo artist can capture this surreal image on your skin.

You must be curious about the meaning and symbolism of this painting, right?

This masterpiece shows the view from a window of his room in the asylum of Saint-Remy-de-Provence. The painting is a combination of various elements of day and night.

He created 21 versions of the same piece and in 15 of them, cypress trees are visible past the far wall. The Starry night Tattoo is a reminder that one should always go with the flow in life as the eyes do in this painting.

People have recreated this masterpiece according to their interpretation. The body placement of this tattoo depends on person to person but the circular back tattoo of Starry Night is very popular. All these aspects make it a great option for a tattoo design for girls.

4. Shoulder Tattoo With light Typography

Want to accentuate your collar bones? Shoulder tattoo designs with names are the real deal.

A delicate bird with light typography could give you a minimalistic look.

You could replace the word ‘blessed’ with any other word that’s close to your heart. Name with tattoo design has become very popular and experimenting with it could give you the perfect tattoo design to go best with your personality.

The opportunity to show off chest tattoos is endless but the easiest way to exhibit one is with off-shoulder tops and strappy camisoles.

5. Minimalist Planetary Tattoo

31 Unique Tattoo Designs for Girls-ZeroKaata Studio
[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

Who can resist cute little finger tattoos?

Minimalist Tattoos are a good start for someone who is getting a tattoo for the first time. The small size makes it affordable. Girls usually find minimalistic designs very appealing.

Minimalist Planetary girls tattoo is very popular among astronomy and astrology lovers. It is a good way for astronomy-loving women to express their love for celestial bodies and the mystery of outer space. This simple design of Sun, Moon, and Saturn will look beautiful on your perfectly manicured fingers.

In astrology, Saturn is known as an energizing planet that expresses ambition and vibrant life lessons. The Moon represents the most important aspect of everyone’s life, that is, family. It also is known to reveal the emotions that are kept hidden. The Sun, being one of the best tattoos that symbolize strength is a great option for women and girls.

Finger tattoos are very popular among celebrities like Maggie Lindeman, Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and many others. You and your best friend can also get matching finger tattoos.

6. Forearm Mandala Tattoo

Mandala translates to ‘circle’ in Sanskrit. Mandala tattoo is composed of shapes and symbols that spread from the center outwards in a circular pattern. Mandala represents balance, eternity, and perfection.

Our favorite mandala tattoo was this forearm tattoo design for girls which is striking, exquisite, and intricately designed. If you’re a fan of mandala art then you must consider getting a mandala tattoo.

Arms are the best canvas to convey strong statements, so choose bold-looking graphic tattoo designs.

&. Michelangelo’s The Creation Of Adam Tattoo

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[Image Courtesy: https://www.tattoofilter.com/p/2154]

When Michelangelo was creating this masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, little did he know that the internet would be obsessed with his painting?

Tattoo artists never hesitated to recreate this divine creation of Michelangelo for their customers. With some alteration, addition, and subtraction of elements and finally giving it a modern twist. This tattoo is sacred for some but an act of rebellion for many.

The Creation of Adam is one of the scenes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and is chronologically fourth in the panel depicting the episode from Genesis. The image shows the hands of God and Adam nearly touching as a symbol of Humanity.

Spiritual or not, who doesn’t want a Renaissance painting aesthetics on their skin?

Many tattoo lovers ink their skin with the hands of God and Adam. When it comes to the placement of this tattoo you can place it on your hand, back, or side of your breast according to your comfort. The alluring divinity and spiritual ties of The Creation of Adam make it the perfect tattoo design for girls.

8. Simplistic Wrist Tattoos

Names tattoos are special, it presents a person; his or her identity. Our parents have probably spent days choosing the perfect name for us.

The names of our loved ones mean a lot to us because they remind us of them. A name with a tattoo design should be thought of properly.

Many people get name tattoos and regret them later. But, if you are sure of your loved one, or you want to dedicate your tattoo to a friend, family member, or a deceased person, then getting a tattoo design with a name is the best way to show them and everyone else how much they mean to you.

If you’re looking for a tattoo design by name then etching names on the wrist is a good idea as it is the most trending tattoo design with a name.

We loved this name tattoo design the most. This is a great example of a tattoo for parents or a beloved partner as a heart pierced by an arrow is a sign of love.

Always choose a delicate and simple tattoo design for the wrist.

9. Shoulder Mandala Tattoo

31 Unique Tattoo Designs for Girls-ZeroKaata Studio
[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

In Sanskrit, Mandala means circles. It is made of shapes and symbols in a circular pattern. A mandala reflects balance, eternity, and perfection. It has a unique design that imitates peace and harmony.

Even though it has a spiritual origin, it means different things to different people. Mandala tattoos have a mesmerizing effect on people. It is an ideal tattoo design for girls because the blooming floral and circular effect symbolizes femininity and life.

Many people recommended the placement of a Mandala Tattoo on the chest or back. However, we believe that tattoos are a personal statement. You can have an unconventional approach in choosing the body part like the shoulder or legs.

10. Cute Ankle Tattoos

There is a certain grace that comes into play with ankle tattoos. Placing your tattoo on the ankle increases your desirability.

This ethereal little tattoo design is the perfect choice for an ankle tattoo. Though it is tiny, it gives an appealing vibe.

Ankle tattoos are a good option if you like to go for small tattoos or want to keep your tattoo personal and not easily visible at all times.

Top it up with high-heeled sandals or funky sneakers to show off your cute tattoo design.

11. Dainty Dreamcatcher Collarbone Tattoo

31 Unique Tattoo Designs for Girls-ZeroKaata Studio
[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

While some women are a fan of full sleeves tattoos, others prefer cute dainty tattoos. Minimalist tattoos are fun, flirty, and easy to maintain. You can flaunt your collarbone tattoo by wearing a tank top or a cozy cardigan.

Dreamcatcher is part of dreamy aesthetic home decor but, in recent years, women are demanding more dreamcatcher tattoos. Its unique design and vibrant colors have been a major attraction for women.

Dreamcatchers have been a part of Native American culture for a long time. According to legends, it protects us from bad dreams and negative energy. You make a variation in the designs according to your taste.

12. Tribal Back Tattoos

This woman with a rich Hawaiian tattoo inked in a tribal style has left us spellbound and we’ve bookmarked this design to our list of back tattoo for women.

We would recommend getting tribal tattoos for the back as it adds an extra charm to the backside giving a feminine look. Also, these tribal tattoo design for girls is rare and unique which makes them super appealing.

You can flaunt your back tattoos with multiple outfit styles- criss-cross back, halter neck, sheer tops, backless dresses, and bodysuits.

13. Line Art Tattoo

31 Unique Tattoo Designs for Girls-ZeroKaata Studio
[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

Today, fine line tattoos are in vogue. Instagram and Pinterest are overflowing with artists who specialize in Line art.

One such contemporary artist is ‘Flow so fly’ from Austria. She is an international artist who has displayed her collection in many international exhibitions.

Many people have tattooed her designs. She uses the human body part to express intimate human emotions with help of line art. Her designs are unique and very intimidating.

You can get a tattoo copyright license from her website at a nominal price. She has also listed down some tattoo artists who specialize in line art tattoos.

14. Floral Waist Tattoos

Waist and hip tattoos never seem to go out of style, especially since they’re in such an intimate area.

Crop tops with waist tattoos are the best way to highlight your floral tattoo design for a girl without overpowering or understating your overall attire.

Instead of wearing floral clothing, try etching a floral tattoo to give you a unique sense of style.

A shade of vibrant color wouldn’t hurt for this one. Think of bold florals or statement-inspired tattoo patterns for this one. If you prefer a lighter design, you must consider simple etching across the waist with a small flower.

PS: This really is a stylish tattoo for girls.

15. Sun Tattoo On Neck

31 Unique Tattoo Designs for Girls-ZeroKaata Studio
[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

Neck tattoos are the most versatile and sensual placement of a tattoo. You can opt for minimal or bold detailed tattoos according to your style. Neck tattoos are indeed painful but for people who love to take the risk, it is an enthralling experience.

Sun Tattoos are a symbol of light, truth, and rebirth. It is a popular choice of tattoo among women because of the bold and unique nature of that design. A full neck tattoo of the sun is very bold and sensual.

You flaunt your neck tattoo with a high messy bun.

16. Psychedelic Medusa Tattoo

31 Unique Tattoo Designs for Girls-ZeroKaata Studio
[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

Trippy psychedelic tattoos usually represent the complex nature of the mind and modern notions of spirituality and soul. When psychedelic music was introduced in 1960 aimed at inducing the listener into a euphoric state. Many artists then started drawing what they heard. We started seeing people getting psychedelic tattoos.

However, not many people opt for psychedelic tattoos but, if you have a euphoric mysterious aura then you should go for psychedelic.

In Greek Mythology, Medusa is one of the three monstrous Gorgons who turned people into stone. Psychedelic Medusa Tattoo is a symbol of feminism. She represents feminine power, wisdom, and seduction.

Medusa was an exquisite beauty. Often in modern culture, when women question the authority of men she is portrayed as Medusa.

The significance of this tattoo is much deeper today. People often forget that she was a victim of rape and was punished for it. Her power and rage threaten the authority of men. This tattoo design for girls is a symbol of power, beauty, and wisdom.

17. Paper Airplane Face Tattoo

31 Unique Tattoo Designs for Girls-ZeroKaata Studio
[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

Face Tattoos have been part of human history for a long time. However, in recent years, they are becoming more acceptable in mainstream fashion.

Face Tattoos are a bold statement in society. It means that you are not bound by the perceived notation of beauty and conventional ideas of the tattoo.

Kehlani, a famous American singer-songwriter is not only known for her savage lyrics and amazing vocals but also her notorious paper airplane face tattoo. She created a buzz on the internet with her face tattoo. According to the singer, paper airplane means ‘stay above’, a mantra that she follows in her life.

18. Galaxy UV Tattoo

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[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

This cute UV Tattoo design for girls is made by a Melbourne-based tattoo artist. Tukoi Oya uses UV ink that shines under UV light, making a mesmerizing image.

The cute galaxy foot tattoo shows a door that opens to outer space. It represents the uncountable opportunity that life presents us. It also symbolizes the journey of self-discovery that one does to find inner peace.

However, UV ink is not approved by the FDA, so you should test your skin before getting UV Tattoos.

19. Self-care Hand Tattoo

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[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

Self-care and Self-love is essential topic today. Our next recommendation is ideal for someone who aims at personal growth. Self-care is a very simple yet most ignored concept. It means deliberately taking actions to nurture one’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

Pinterest and Instagram are filled with ideas of self-care tattoos for girls. However, representing the human mind as flowers or a plant that needs to be watered every day to grow is probably the most common one.

When things get tough, this tattoo will remind you to take a breath, and ‘It will all be okay!’

20. Minimal Floral Thigh Tattoo

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[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

Imagine going to a beach and sunbathing in your favorite bikini.

But something is missing, right?

Yes, you need a minimal floral thigh tattoo to complement your bikini. Our next recommendation will persuade you to visit a tattoo parlor. The simplicity of leaves and dainty flowers are a treat for small tattoo lovers.

So, stop wasting your time and rush to your nearest tattoo artist and flaunt your thigh tattoo!

21. Artistic Self-Care Tattoo

31 Unique Tattoo Designs for Girls-ZeroKaata Studio
[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

Art is the best way to express self-care and self-love and reflect personal growth. Many artists have attempted numerous times to express this complex feeling in artistic form. This art tattoo by Maiken Vambeset is our favorite.

This tattoo represents self-care and body positivity. Self-care is a routine exercise that results in personal growth. The cycle of the moon symbolizes reincarnation, wisdom, and intuition.

This tattoo for girls is very personal and complex. Body parts like thighs and back will be ideal for this tattoo as it needs a little more space.

22. Pulp Fiction: Micro Realism Tattoo

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[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

Getting inked with your favorite movie scene or music band is probably the most common tattoo for girls. If you are a movie buff like us, then you would have easily identified this iconic movie scene.

Yes, you guessed it right, it is an iconic scene of Uma Thurman and John Travolta grooving on ‘You never can tell’ by Chuck Berry in the movie Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino. It is probably one of Tarantino’s finest works.

Many Tarantino fans have inked this iconic scene on their hand. This micro realism tattoo was created by Edit Paints. However, you can always pick a scene from your favorite movie to get a tattoo.

23. Harry Potter Tattoo

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[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

If you are a Harry Potter nerd and never miss a Harry Potter marathon, then this tattoo for girls is made for you. It will instill a feeling of nostalgia in your mind. From cosplay to comic cons as a Harry Potter nerd, you have done it all.

This Harry Potter arm tattoo is one of our favorite tattoos. A Harry Potter wand dangling with Harry Potter glasses, the infamous Scar, Deathly Hallows, platform 9¾, Snitch, and the Sorting Hat make it a complete combo for Harry Potter nerds.

24. Dragon Tattoo

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[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

When you search for a tattoo for girls, a dragon tattoo will probably be one of your top suggestions. The legend of Dragons has been recurring in Chinese, Japanese, Western, and Celtic cultures.

In Chinese mythology, the emperor of the kingdom was represented as Dragon. It represents strength, power, and wisdom. In Western culture, dragons are considered violent creatures, which is quite opposite of the Chinese interpretation of dragons.

According to Japanese legend, the first Japanese emperor was a descendant of the dragon. Dragons are usually aquatic creatures, however, there are some legends that talk about flying dragons living in the sky. In Japanese culture, the dragon is seen as a guardian of family and loved ones. The Celtic Dragons are considered guardians of the secrets of the universe.

full-back dragon tattoo will give you a powerful, bold, and sensual look. When it is paired with a backless dress, it will be an ultimate ensemble.

25. Pablo Picasso Arm Tattoo

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[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

Pablo Picasso was indeed one of the most influential artists in human history. From cubism to surrealism and expressionism to post-impressionism, his painting style has evolved during his lifetime. He was a pioneer of modern art.

His influential work inspired many people to get their skin into his work. The Internet is filled with paintings and reinvented Designs of Picasso. Picasso’s Tattoo carries a deep personal meaning with it. This tattoo for girls is a great option for art enthusiasts.

26. Fine Line Flower Tattoo

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[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

When you think about girls tattoo design, flowers are the first thing that pops into your head.

The ethereal beauty of a sunflower is appealing to girls. You can pick any other flower for a tattoo according to your preference. Don’t pick a complicated design, rather stick to a simple elegant one.

The beauty of a flower tattoo is that you can choose any part of the body to place your tattoo.

27. The Statue Of David Tattoo

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[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

If you think tattoos are inspired by movies and paintings only then, think again.

The Statue of David by Michelangelo is one of the greatest inspirations for tattoo artists. The tattoo of David is a very prevalent choice among art admirers and travel enthusiasts who fell in love with the beauty of Florence.

The statue of David is a symbol of youth and independence. The renaissance aesthetic will add up a vintage vibe to your aura.

28. Boxed Tattoo With Typography

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[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

Each tattoo is very personal and unique. It defines the personal style and personality of the person who wears them. Instead of pictures, many women prefer text over the image.

Choosing the right text, right font style, and size is very crucial. Text tattoos can contain the name of the loved ones, favorite quotes or poems, and important dates.

The best and easy way to present a text tattoo is by putting it into a box. The box placed on your arm gives a vintage look to the tattoo.

29. Day & Night In Nature

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[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

The Day and Night in Nature Tattoo by Boots Brandon is one of the most intriguing tattoo designs for girls. The unique concept of the design has caught the eyes of many tattoo lovers on the internet.

The freehand design on arm depicts the concept of day and night and the influence of the moon on the tides of the sea. The best part of this tattoo is that it will give the feel of a full hand design tattoo with its minimal design.

30. No Face Tattoo

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[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

Spirited away is one of the most famous anime movies that managed to capture the attention of the western world by winning an Oscar and creating history in the world of cinema. It was quickly a part of social media pop culture.

No Face, Chihiro, and Haku tattoos quickly became a new trend in mainstream fashion. However, No Face Tattoos are our favorite. Anime nerds and Tattoo artists added different elements to make their unique No Face Tattoo.

31. Ear Tattoo

31 Unique Tattoo Designs for Girls-ZeroKaata Studio
[Image courtesy-https://in.pinterest.com/]

Yes, getting an ear piercing is cool but, do you know about the latest trend of ear tattoos?

If you don’t believe us, go check out Cara Delevingne’s Instagram Account.

Minimal Ear Tattoos are in vogue and it is probably not the best option for faint-hearted people. Ear Tattoos are a bold choice for bold women. However, various precautions should be taken while getting an ear tattoo.

Ear Tattoo can cause dizziness, headache, temporary jaw lock, and migraines. You should avoid using shampoo for the first couple of weeks.


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