The best tattoos with Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker


The best tattoos with Joaquin Phoenix's Joker

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Like all creative directions of life of a modern person, the tattoo industry is influenced by other mass media forms fashion, style and trends in the tattoo.

One of the most powerful media of this kind is the film industry.

Studying the world of tattoos over the years it is not difficult to identify a direct relationship between the release of a successful film and the wave of tattoos based on it.

One of the latest world cinema masterpieces to have had such a massive impact was Todd Philipps’ new DC Comics movie – Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix.

Tattoo artist Anjelika Kartasheva

Tattoo artist Anjelika Kartasheva | PH:: @anjelika_kartashevaThe film tells about the origin of the supervillain Joker, one of Batman’s key antagonists in DC Comics universe. The movie is so successful that according to IMDb it received a rating of 9/10.

he premiere took place on August 31, 2019 at the 76th Venice Film Festival, where the film won the main prize – the Golden Lion. The film was released worldwide on October 4, 2019 and in less than 2 weeks after the start of the shows, the wave of the new Joker swept the tattoo.

Tattoo artist Kozo

Tattoo artist Kozo | PH:: @kozo_tattooThe cult supervillain perfectly realised by Joaquin Phoenix appealed to both tattoo artists and tattoo fans, as a result of which hundreds of Joker variants in various styles of tattoos began to appear on the Internet.

Today, we have compiled a selection of the most interesting and striking incarnations of Joker in the tattoo, from the world’s leading tattoo artists. Enjoy and be inspired!

Tattoo artist Daniel Luzardo

Tattoo artist Daniel Luzardo | PH:: @daniluz21Tattoo artist Bruno Santos

Tattoo artist Bruno Santos | PH:: @brunosantostattooTattoo artist Alex Bruz

Tattoo artist Alex Bruz | PH:: @alexbruzTattoo artist Matias Noble

Tattoo artist Matias Noble | PH:: @matiasnobletattooTattoo artist Jayden Pengilly

Tattoo artist Jayden Pengilly | PH:: @jayden.tattooTattoo artist JANIEL ACEVEDO

Tattoo artist JANIEL ACEVEDO | PH:: @janiel_13Tattoo artist Pavel Zubkov

Tattoo artist Pavel Zubkov | PH:: @pavel_zubkov_tattooTattoo artist Adam Miller

Tattoo artist Adam Miller | PH:: @millhaustattooTattoo artist Tarantula

Tattoo artist Tarantula | PH:: @tattootarantulaTattoo artist Criss Ink

Tattoo artist Criss Ink | PH:: @criss.inkTattoo artist Emilio Winter

Tattoo artist Emilio Winter | PH:: @emiliowinter1Tattoo artist ISNARD BARBOSA

Tattoo artist ISNARD BARBOSA | PH:: @isnardbarbosaTattoo artist Jackpot tattooer

Tattoo artist Jackpot tattooer | PH:: @needles_tattooingTattoo artist EHEON

Tattoo artist EHEON | PH:: @tattooist_eheonTattoo artist Ruslan Millington

Tattoo artist Ruslan Millington | PH:: @millington_tattooTattoo artist HONMA

Tattoo artist HONMA | PH:: @honma_tatTattoo artist VARO

Tattoo artist VARO | PH:: @varotattooTattoo artist Jacob Dylan

Tattoo artist Jacob Dylan | PH:: @thesnakepretzelTattoo artist Billy the Kid

Tattoo artist Billy the Kid | PH:: @artby_billythekidTattoo artist Francis Merlyn Doody

Tattoo artist Francis Merlyn Doody | PH:: @fmdtattoosTattoo artist Kévin Plane

Tattoo artist Kévin Plane | PH:: @kevinplane_tattooerTattoo artist Smize Bc

Tattoo artist Smize Bc | PH:: @smize94Tattoo artist Camilo Tuero Martinez | PH:: @camilotuero.tattooTattoo artist Rhamses – Polve Varela | PH:: @polvevarela

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