10 Wild Animals Attacking Cars


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Wild animals are truly fascinating to admire, but that happens only when they’re calm, which is why many of them stay as far away from humans as possible.

Sometimes, however, tales told are a little different and in cases where these stories differ, even cars and motorcycles don’t stand a chance.

So in today’s video, we’ll be looking at 10 of the most incredible wild animal attacks on cars caught on camera.

Stay away from the angry elephants

Number 10: stay away from the angry elephants.

Elephants are indeed big beasts, yet gentle creatures, but when they’re angry, almost everything seems penetrable to them, and several cases of elephants attacking tourist cars have been reported worldwide.

The one-night feature here today happened in 2014.

Back then, Sarah Brooks and John De Kirk went for a tour somewhere in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

They were both couples and were quite having a good time in their cars down the driveway, but little did they know it would end in tragedy, because right in the middle of the driveway was an elephant which, with common sense, they slowed down to pass by.

Everything seemed quite normal until, all of a sudden, the elephant came at their car and overturned it multiple times before letting go.

At the end of it all, the Kirk got out safely, but as for Brooks, she injured her upper thighs so much that she got hospitalized.

The attack was blamed on the elephant’s hypersensitive state and it was put down for good.

The rhino attacks

Number nine: the rhino attacks.

Believe it or not, reiners are one of the most dangerous animals, with many titles of deadly attacks around their necks.

From Africa to South America and even to Germany.

These animals with their powerful jaws and munchers can launch fatal attacks on anything or anyone, and you didn’t even want to meet one that’s angry anyway.

Several records of their attacks have been caught on dash cams, body cams and whatever type of camera out there.

A car is even the least of their enemies among vehicles, but then again i have handpicked one just for you, and the rhino it features even has the name cassini.

According to the news, custody was part of a breeding program at the Serengeti park in Germany for 18 months.

Cassini struggled to adjust especially to one’s particular zookeeper’s car, for one specific reason.

By that i mean the reason it was painted like a zebra most of the time.

One day, Kusiti could no longer bear the way it looked and decided to take matters into his own hands.

The hippo attacks

Number eight: the Hippo.

Hippos might look gentle and cute, yes, but one rule of the safari is to never drive towards a lone hippopotamus.

If you want to know why that is, let’s ask this man named Wikis Cerrone.

According to him, he was crossing the border located along the Kruger National Park, back home from Mozambique to South Africa.

Unknown to him, that drive was going to be one of the most memorable ones of his life because on his way, Wikis noticed a hippo along the bridge with other people in the vicinity.

Based on this, he assumed that the Hippo was used to humans, so he brought out his camera to film the scenes.

Of course, a few moments later, the Hippo pounced up the car with its four-legged heavyweight body of about 3 000 pounds.

Not only that, Wikis even said he even tried biting the hood, or the bonnet, as others would call it.

Well, in the end, Wikis car was left with a scar to remember, but compared to other scenes of Hippo’s attacks on cars, i believe it was quite lucky.

Ram fight

Number 7: ram fight.

A flock of sheep is more like man’s daily friend up in the mountains, but some have been left in the wilderness for so long that they’re no different from wild animals.

In may of 2015, a herd of rams blocked the mountain pass and two of them got into a fight.

Headbutts after headbutts, these rams literally wouldn’t stop fighting, so a family caught up on the road began to film the scene.

For another driver, everything was just child’s play, so he decided to seize his chances to pass through the battleground.

As soon as the animals pulled apart for a few seconds, however, one of the rams was already charged up and, in the event, it smashed into the Lee side of the car with a headbutt to remember.

But seeing the way the ram went back to battling its enemy, the car seemed to suffer more damage than it did.


Number six lions.

While some rich people out there would spend millions to keep lions as pets against normal nature, a lion springing up, an attack out of nowhere, can be a menace.

You can just ask any driver who’s had the misfortune of meeting one in a safari.

In 2014, something similar happened.

Back then, a film crew from a wildlife sanctuary set out in a safari with hopes to get stunning shots of african lions, when, all of a sudden, one of the lions came at them.

Whether it was looking for some camera time or some snacks?

No one really knew, but the story would have been a little different if the windows were down.

So all the beat down from the lion was on the suv’s windows and bumper as it tried to take the car down piece by piece.

Fortunately, the cameramen were able to make it out, but not without a jungle pursuit from two more lines as they drove away.

However, what’s important to them were the film shots and the thrill of their lives.


Number five: , the dearly jump.

You see a deer jumping out of the darkness onto the road can be a menace.

Just ask any motorists who’s had an encounter with one or two on the highway.

But to save you time, i have one here just for you, and it happened in March of 2021 in Oakland.

Luckily, the video was captured by the dash cam of one driver who happened to be admits to stampede.

The driver told the police that the herd came out of the woods and appeared to be chased by something.

Unfortunately enough, several vehicles were also on the road at that time.

A particular black sedan fell right in the middle of everything, and that’s when one deer jumped up closely, followed by others that darted by the shoulder of the car- the other two deer also tried to make the leap, but couldn’t.

One smacked into the front wheel, almost ran into another vehicle with a dash cam footage.

The sedan got damaged.

However, what’s important was that everyone, including the animals, got out safely.

Clever baboons

Number four: clever baboons.

Monkeys, in terms of common sense, are next to humans.

So, unlike any other animal on this list, these little critters had a special way of attacking cars.

One of these tactics was recorded off cape town in South Africa.

Down there, baboons had a strategy for holding up cars, and it usually begins with some of them standing watch on the road to call out others.

When a car approaches, right after the call, they would get their friends to sit on the road to block the cars from moving any further.

Then, for unaware drivers who leave their windows open, they begin to take food, other valuables and, surprisingly, windshield wipers.

Of course, some tourists do try to resist, but when they do, the baboons would simply help themselves or cause a menace.

By menace i mean they either chase the taurus out of their own cars or simply help rearrange their luggage in the dirtiest sense.


Number three: bears.

Some people find them cute, but others, like me, are not so fond of them.

But whether cute or not, wild bears are not to be joked with, especially when they’re in places where you don’t expect to find them, say, in places like an suv, as you see in this video recorded by Travis Gonzalez and his family shortly after they hit from Hurricane Irma.

But for Travis, that day, his battle with mother nature came twice: one with a hurricane, another with a family of a mama bear and her cubs.

Somehow, these critters managed to lock themselves inside Travis’s suv, hoping to feast on whatever they could find.

Bravely, Travis managed to open the door to help them escape, but only at a slight distance away from one of them who wanted to grab him.

Now it’s time for today’s best pick.

Call it the angry cow or the raging bull, whichever one it is.

What’s coming up in the next entry is like nothing you’ve seen so far.

Bull vs Jeep

Number two: the bull versus jeep.

April 26, 2017 was another spectacular day at the spanish Bowl Festival.

Then the clips you see in this video happen during one of the several occasions meant to celebrate the festival.

No, you’re not seeing things.

That’s indeed a bull running off just ahead, but a four wheel drive car filled with people.

From what i heard, the jeep weighed about 2 tons.

Compared to an average bull, that jeep is almost twice the weight of a raging ball.

Despite that weight difference, the mighty beast with its horn lifted the car from the ground and ran its horns into its tires many times over.

Other shots from the scenes revealed that the bull later began to chase people from the streets after liquids had spilled from the engine bay of the jeep.

Till today, no one can tell the reason why the bull attacked.

I say maybe its hormones were raging, or who knows.

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Bison Stampede

Number one: the bison stampedes.

During a vacation at Yellowstone National park in wyoming in 2019, many families surely did have fun.

However, something else awaits a particular family.

Right inside their own car, they were enjoying the sight of a group of bison when, all of a sudden, a stampede began.

But little did they know that that would end up being a big mistake because, as they watched, one of the bison stood back and plowed right into their sedan with its mighty horns.

Unfortunately, that car was a rental car, but at least they got out safely, although that’s one heck of a fright.

So that’s why you should never stand and miss the stampede with a rental car.

It was a hard lesson, though, but compared to this other occasion of a bison ramming into a safari somewhere in Africa, i bet they knew they were lucky.

Alright, let’s end this with a simple question: what would you do if your car gets caught up inside the stampede on the family vacation in the safari?

Well, drop your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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