10 Most Brutal Bird vs. Snake Fights


Foreign most incredible fights between birds and snakes.

Number 10: green bird versus snake.


If you thought only possums know how to play dead to protect themselves from a dangerous predator, then prepare to have your mind blown when they run out of options.

Even snakes May employ this trick from the possums book.

In this clip, notice how this green little bird is attacking a southern vine snake with Relentless Speed and Agility.

The bird looks determined to put this snake on his family’s dinner table tonight.

While the Viper looks to struggle out of the bird’s beak.

Every time, you can see how that fight is pointless.

The bird just won’t give up.

At one point the snake decides to play dead and fool the bird.

But the Green bird is too smart to fall for this trick and keep striking The Serpent and picks it up in its mouth.

Number nine: Road Runner vs rattlesnake.


True to their cartoon depiction, roadrunners Are Born to Run.

The strength of these long-tailed Birds lies in their Speed and Agility.

You’ll be shocked to know that the fastest Roadrunner ever recorded was at around 42 kilometers per hour, making them the fastest land running bird that can fly.

Well, rattlesnakes, on the other hand, are honed Predators.

They are loaded with one of the most toxic Venoms.

Let’s see what happens when these two creatures decide to fight it out.

You can distinguish rattlesnakes from the rattling as they move.

Unfortunately for this baby serpent, today a nearby Roadrunner heard its Rattle and zeroed in on its prey.

The Roadrunner circles around the snake while it tries to escape.

The bird continues to wear down the snake using continuous strikes.

The rattlesnake puts up a commendable fight, but all is for naught.

The Roadrunner kills it and runs off with the carcass to enjoy the meal in private.

This road runner in the next clip is about to go up against a full-grown rattlesnake.

The serpent is exceedingly aggressive and lunges repeatedly at the bird with a wounded leg.

The Road Runner continues on its Relentless attack, puncturing the snake’s skin with its sharp beak.

Even with an injury, the bird proves to be too much.

It grabs the snake by the head and slams The prey’s Head multiple times on the Rocks.


After this brutal kill, the Roadrunner Chomps down on the dead snake with satisfaction number 8.. sulfur crested cockatoo versus snake.

Sulfur crested cockatoos in one of the most fascinating looking birds to ever exist.

We don’t usually think of these birds when we think about birds fighting snakes, but that doesn’t mean these beautiful birds are defenseless.

What do you think happens when a cockatoo takes on a deadly snake?

After all, snakes aren’t your average Predators.

These two sulfur crested cockatoos have just come across a snake nearby.

The bird starts attacking the snake as it spreads its wings to let the reptile know that’s in full battle mode.

It starts pecking the snake and pulls it back as soon as the reptile tries to flee.

For some reason, the snake isn’t fighting back.

Instead, it looks like the reptile is more focused on escaping, but the birds don’t let that happen, as they keep pecking at it.

Around 30 minutes later, the entire flock has gathered near the snake as one of them keeps attacking and pulling it back.

A few moments later, the snake finds itself surrounded by the cockatoos and has nowhere left to run.

One of the cockatoos even tries flying away with it, but soon it’s clear that the snake is too heavy to do so.

Finally, the reptile sees an opening and escapes.

Number seven: owl versus snake.


Owls have always had the element of surprise on their side.

These expert Hunters are capable of flying without making a sound, thanks to their purpose design Wings.

This allows them to swoop in and attack prey even before they realize what hit them, but snakes don’t rely on their hearing to defend against threats.

This horned owl is mercilessly devouring a snake that has just caught.

It looks like the owl has already managed to kill the reptile, since it appears to be lip and doesn’t fight back at all.

All that’s left to do now for the owl is to enjoy its freshly caught meal.

It slopes up the snake like a noodle and eats it whole in just one go.

Here’s another owl that has killed a snake and is about to make a meal out of it soon.

It holds the snake tightly in its talents and pecks at it even when the snake is already dead.

The table seem to have turned in this clip, as it’s the owl that finds itself in grave danger.

The bird has fallen prey to a deadly snake that has trapped the owl by wrapping itself tightly around it.

The poor owl is stuck so badly that it can’t even move.

Even though a few people are trying to help free it, nothing seems to be working in this case.

A man is literally trying to untangle the snake, but then the snake manages to hold its tight grip.

This owl surely would have been dead if it wasn’t lucky enough to receive help from those people.

Number six: woodpecker versus snake.


It’s not a secret that woodpeckers have really strong beaks.

After all, their beaks are designed to chip through hard tree trucks.

It’s no wonder that these beaks also make the perfect weapon when dealing with threats.

But will it be enough to take on something as dangerous as a massive snake?

There’s only one way to find out.

Here is a woodpecker that has encountered a snake while trying to Peck at a tree trunk.

As soon as the bird gets close to the tree, the snake lunges out of the hole in the tree and attempts to strike at it.

The Woodpecker manages to dodge the reptiles, attack and fights back.

The snake definitely doesn’t seem happy about it and tries a second time to attack the Woodpecker, and succeeds.

It manages to catch the bird but is soon forced to let it go after the bird retaliates with all its might.

Miraculously, the bird manages to escape a second time and then a third, every time returning for more action.

We don’t know how this altercation ended, but this lucky woodpecker just had a number of close calls in just a couple of minutes.

Number five: Eagle vs Sea Snake.


I don’t think eagles need an introduction when it comes to fearsome Birds of Prey.

These massive Raptors are born and bred to be effective predators, and they go up against snakes all the time.

Let’s see what happens when a massive eagle goes toe-to-toe with a sea snake.

Take a look at this Eagle that has just noticed the sea snake on the surface of the water.

The predatory bird swoops down at full speed and grabs the snake in its razor sharp talents.

At first it looks like a win for the Raptor, but things get ugly midair.

As the eagle attempts to fly off with the snake, the reptile decides to fight for its life and attacks the bird.

The eagle almost drops the snake, but manages to hold on to its prey somehow.


Number four: red-tailed hawk versus snake when it comes to efficient hunting tactics, there is nothing that beats a red-tailed hawk with a wingspan that averages little over four feet.

These birds were built to soar high and swoop down on prey at full speeds.

Although Hawks have had their fair share of encounters with snakes in the past, let’s see how things turn out when they face off in an epic showdown.

Here’s a red-tailed hawk that is desperately trying to subdue a snake that’s struggling hard.

Except a hawk still has control over the snake, since the reptile is caught in its Talons and can’t move freely.

A few moments later the snake manages to escape somehow, but the hawk is quick to intercept it.

An intense fight breaks out as the reptile attempts to bite the bird.

While it’s trying its best to neutralize the snake and stab it with its talents, the fight rages on as the reptile pulls every maneuver to escape.

In the end, the hawk made off with the captured snake.


Number three: snake vs Heron.

Herons are some of the only birds that can be seen throughout the world.

Their special beaks are built like daggers to help them stab fish while hunting.

Their beaks can also prove to be great weapons when going up against the threat.

But how effective are the these sharp beaks when facing a deadly snake out in the wild?

This Heron was probably hunting for fish when a snake sneaked out from behind and caught it.

This seems to be a classic example of the hunter getting hunted scenario.

The Heron attempts to retaliate, but the reptile tightly holds on to one of its wings.

The bird tries to free Itself by pecking the snake hard, but it doesn’t budge.

A few seconds later we see that the fight has dragged on to the water and the snake still has a tight hold on the bird.

The Heron even tries to use its long beak to get some leverage and free itself, but all of its efforts seem to be futile here.

A few more hard pecks and some intense wrestling.

Later the Heron somehow manages to free itself and gets safely to land.

You can see it’s severely injured, since its wings is bleeding too.

Here’s a rather unusual clip.

Take a look at this hair and eating a snake that it had caught moments before.

Everything seems normal.

As the bird gulps the reptile down.

The seconds later the snake emerges again.

Actually, this Heron has a hole in its neck, possibly from an injury.

Every time it eats the snake it comes right back out through the hole in its neck.

Feeding must be a nightmare for this unfortunate heron.

Blue herons are excellent snake hunters and this video shows just why that is.

A black indigo snake hangs from the bird’s mouth while it tries to walk off the prey, fights desperately and even manages to get the bird’s leg, but the Heron simply shakes it off.

While holding the Viper in its be, the bird violently shakes it in a bit to confuse the prey, but the snake won’t give up that easily.

It once again bites its captor’s leg.

This final effort ends in vain, as the Heron is able to shrug it off again.

Number two: snake versus chicken.


We usually equate chicken with cowards, but in reality things are the opposite.

This harmless looking birds can often do the impossible when faced with danger.

Stakes might have the advantage in a fight against the chicken, but these flightless birds never give up without a fight.

What do you think happens when a snake sneaks up on a chicken?

This massive snake is sneaking up on an unwary chicken.

The chicken doesn’t seem to notice the threat at all and the reptile makes the most of this opportunity.

It positions itself behind the chicken and Strikes the chicken desperately, tries to free itself and fights back, but the snake’s grip is just too strong for it to overcome.

The reptile instantly crushes the bird and kills it seconds later.

The poor guy didn’t even stand a chance.

Here’s another deadly snake eyeing a hen in her eggs.

The reptile goes in for the attack, but surprisingly, the chicken intercepts it and launches a counter-attack.

Defeated and embarrassed, the snake is immediately forced to retreat.


Number one: brown snake eagle versus Cobra.

As their name suggests, brown snake Eagles are large predatory birds that mainly hunt snakes.

It is obvious that these birds know a thing or two about taking down vicious snakes, but a cobra is not your average snake.

These reptiles are extremely venomous, while the brown snake Eagle be able to take on a venomous cobra in an epic fight.

Check out this next clip.

A cobra is one of the deadliest snakes out there, but that doesn’t stop this eagle from going after it.

The bird tries to get at it from the tail end, but the Cobra can easily defend against such attacks.

It circles the serpent to look for any point of weakness, and the Cobra raises its head menacingly.

Every time the eagle is about to attack, the snake hisses loudly, even though it is craving snake meat.

A bird isn’t ready to endanger its life over a meal.

After a few more tries, the eagle gives up and moves off.

The Cobra manages to discourage its Predator this time around, with the quick response and intimidating reactions.

As you’ve just seen, the conflict between birds and snakes is a Fierce One.

The outcome of such struggle is often unpredictable, and you never know which of these two creatures will come out on top.

But one thing is, Sir: both birds and snakes are fearsome fighters in the wild.

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