(1) Pep on the ONE thing Jack Grealish has changed… | Tubes Meets Pep Guardiola – YouTube

In a recent interview with Tubes, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola discussed the impact that Jack Grealish has had on the team since joining in the summer transfer window. Guardiola spoke highly of Grealish, noting that he brings a unique quality to the team that has been crucial to their success this season.

The ONE thing that Guardiola highlighted as Grealish’s biggest contribution is his ability to create space for his teammates. Guardiola explained that Grealish’s dribbling skills and willingness to take on defenders has forced opposing teams to commit more players to defending him, thus creating more space for City’s other attacking players.

Guardiola went on to praise Grealish’s work rate and willingness to track back and defend, noting that his defensive contributions have also been important for the team. 

He highlighted Grealish’s versatility, noting that he can play in multiple positions and adapt his game to suit the team’s needs.

Overall, Guardiola expressed his satisfaction with Grealish’s performances so far and his belief that the England international will continue to improve and contribute to the team’s success. 

With Grealish in the team, Guardiola believes that City have a greater chance of achieving their goals for the season and competing at the highest level in both domestic and European competitions.

Grealish’s unique qualities have added a new dimension to City’s attacking play, and his defensive contributions have made the team more balanced and difficult to break down. With Grealish in the team, City have a better chance of achieving success this season and beyond.

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