(1) JACK GREALISH vs BERNARDO SILVA at Football Tennis! | DO NOT MISS THIS! | VAR Controversy – YouTube

Two of Manchester City’s star players, Jack Grealish and Bernardo Silva, recently faced off in a game of football tennis, and the result was nothing short of spectacular. 

The video, titled “Jack Grealish vs Bernardo Silva at Football Tennis – VAR Controversy”, has been making the rounds on social media and is a must-watch for football fans everywhere. 

The game begins with Grealish and Silva showing off their impressive ball control skills as they pass the ball back and forth over the net. Both players are clearly skilled at this game, and it quickly becomes apparent that it’s going to be a close match.

As the game progresses, there are several moments of controversy, with both players arguing over whether a ball was in or out. This leads to the introduction of VAR, which adds an extra layer of drama to the game. 

Despite the heated moments, the game is played in good spirits, with both players displaying their competitive sides while still having fun. The game also showcases the friendship and mutual respect between Grealish and Silva, who are clearly close off the pitch as well as on it.

YOU CANNOT MISS THIS VIDEO!Incredible scenes as Jack Grealish and Bernardo Silva, recovering from a brilliant win over Chelsea engage in a spot of Head Tenni…

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