Seconds of a python wrapped around a rubber tree tapper to death, his friend doesn’t dare to help!! – YouTube

Python attack: The death of a rubber tree while you watch helplessly A horrifying incident happened in a rural area when a rubber barber was attacked and killed by a python in the eye of terrified friends. The unidentified victim was shaving rubber in the forest when suddenly a python wrapped around him and attacked. The incident is believed to have lasted for only a few seconds and although his friend was nearby, he was unable to help because the python had wrapped around the victim’s body. The friend could only helplessly watch as the snake continued to squeeze, eventually leading to the barber’s deat




Pythons are known to be non-venomous snakes, they kill their prey by squeezing tightly making it difficult to breathe and eventually suffocate. This particular python is likely attracted to the activity of tapping rubber trees. , as it will provide hunting opportunities for small tree-dwelling animals.





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