🎬RARE sighting of a LION CUB HUNT

Lion cubs begin practicing hunting skills through play, which involves stalking and pouncing on each other and other objects in their environment. This helps them develop the physical and cognitive skills necessary for hunting when they are older.

As they grow and become more experienced, lion cubs may begin to participate in group hunts with their mothers and other pride members. However, it’s important to note that hunting is a learned behavior and requires training and practice, even for lions.

Overall, while lion cubs do engage in play that involves practicing hunting skills, they do not actually hunt for food until they have been taught to do so by their mothers and have developed the necessary skills and experience.

Rare sighting of a lion cub hunting a baby bushbuck. This is the Black Rock Pride in the Masai Mara. Yes, this cub actually found this newborn bushbuck alone in a thick bush.

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